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    Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

    Research shows that nearly 80% of persons with dementia are cared for in their homes by family member.

    • Dementia is the loss of mental functioning that interferes with a person’s daily living. Dementia is not a disease itself; it is a group of symptoms that accompanies certain diseases or conditions. Symptoms might include changes in personality, mood, and/or behavior.
    • Alzheimer’s disease causes 50-70% of all dementia. The first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is forgetfulness. This forgetfulness is severe enough to affect work, social life, etc. Other symptoms include confusion, trouble organizing and expressing thoughts, misplacing items, getting lost in familiar places and changes in personality and behavior.

    Most individuals with Alzheimer’s disease will eventually need assistance with activities of daily living and increased supervision to maintain a safe living environment.

    How we can help you with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

    OU Nursing Life Stage Solutions Care Manager can help you by:

    • Providing information and resources on the disease process and the impact it will have on your loved one and family
    • Conducting a comprehensive assessment to determine if your loved one is safe in their home
    • Creating a plan to help your loved one maintain a good quality of life
    • Helping families navigate the complex healthcare system

    To discuss your loved one's needs, call a Professional Care Manager.

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