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    At Home Care or In-home Care

    An aging or disabled loved one may be able to get help from a variety of medical and homecare services that will make nursing home care unnecessary.

    If you are considering in-home care, it is recommended that you conduct a comprehensive home safety assessment to determine the needs and resources needed to provide a safe and health sustaining living environment. You will also want to discuss this option with family members to determine who will become the primary care giver. Many family members choose to become the primary care giver, however, you will want to share the load with other care providers in order to avoid care giver burnout. In some cases Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid may pay some home care costs that are related to medical care.

    How we can help with at home or in-home care

    A Life Stage Solutions Care Manager can conduct the comprehensive assessment to determine if your loved one can be cared for at home. If home care is an option, your Care Manager can arrange the medical and homecare services needed. Learn more about our Care Management services.

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