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    Long Term Care

    Long term care refers to a variety of medical and non-medical services that people with chronic illness or disability may need. Most long-term care is available to assist people with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. Long-term care services can be delivered to any age group, at any time to meet the needs of your loved one. Long-term care can be provided in:

    How we can help with long term care

    A Life Stage Solutions Care Manager can assess the situation to determine which long term care option is best for your loved one. Then your Care Manager can help you coordinate long term care services. Call a Professional Care Manager today.

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    Interesting Facts:

    • In 2009, about nine million people over the age of 65 will need long-term care.
    • By 2020, 12 million older Americans will need long-term care and most will be cared for at home.
    • Family and friends are the sole caregivers for 70 % of the elderly.
    • A study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that persons 65 years or older will likely have a 40 % chance of entering a nursing home. 10 % of the people who enter a nursing home will stay there five years or more.
    • Get more information on long term care from Medicare.
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